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What are the uses of stainless steel coils?

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Like other types of stainless steel plates, stainless steel coiled tube plates have strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust capabilities. Its excellent quality makes it an important industrial raw material and building material. With the continuous development of the national economy, the application fields of stainless steel coils have become more and more extensive, and the market prospects are very promising by the industry. The following is an introduction to the use of stainless steel coils.

Application of stainless steel coil

1. Automotive industry

Stainless steel coil is not only strong in corrosion resistance, but also light in weight. Therefore, it has been widely used in the automobile manufacturing industry. For example, car shells require a large number of stainless steel coils. According to statistics, a car needs about 10-30kg of stainless steel coils, while American cars need 40kg of stainless steel coils. At present, some major international brands of automobiles have begun to use stainless steel plates as the structural materials of automobiles, which can not only greatly reduce the weight of the automobile, but also greatly increase the service life of the automobile. In addition, the application of stainless steel coils in buses, high-speed railways, subways, etc. is also becoming more and more extensive.

2. Water storage and operation industry

Water is easily polluted during storage and transportation. Therefore, what kind of material storage and transportation equipment is used is very critical. Storage and transportation equipment based on stainless steel coils is hygienic, safe and effective water industry equipment. At present, the sanitation and safety requirements for the storage and transportation of production and domestic water are getting higher and higher, and the storage and transportation equipment of traditional materials can no longer meet our needs. Therefore, stainless steel coils will become an important raw material for water storage equipment in the future.

3. In the construction industry

In fact, stainless steel coils were used in construction in the early days. It is an important building material or raw material for the production of building materials in the construction industry. The exterior and interior walls of buildings are generally decorated with stainless steel plates, which are durable and beautiful. With the continuous development of interior decoration, more and more stainless steel coils are used as decorative materials in the home improvement industry. Stainless steel coils of various appearances can not only be used as outsourcing of buildings, but also can be made into various decorative panels.

In addition to the above three main areas, stainless steel coils are also used in the home appliance manufacturing industry. Many household appliances such as televisions, washing machines and refrigerators are made of stainless steel. Since the home appliance industry has not continued to flourish, the application potential of stainless steel coils in this field still has a lot of room for expansion.