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What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel plate connection

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316L stainless steel plate not only has the advantages of 316L stainless steel plate, such as high toughness, convenient connection, and water shock resistance, but also gets rid of the defects of 316L stainless steel plate such as water erosion, environmental pollution, scaling, low hardness of plastic hoses, and poor fire safety performance. long lasting. What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel plate? The following is a detailed introduction.

The pressure-bearing formula of 316L stainless steel plate is good, and the atmospheric pressure can reach 8Mpa. No burrs, smooth wall thickness, suitable for cables or cables in operation. The insulation performance can be very good, because the cable repair tube is always impossible to cause a short circuit. Integrate into the underground and cold and humid natural environment, capable of heating and ultra-low temperature. Strong anti-interference ability, if 316L stainless steel plate is used as the cable protection tube, it can effectively shield the external signal interference.

316L stainless steel plate has diversified specifications, models, and connection methods. Small specifications and small models can be produced and processed up to 12mm, and there are no restrictions on large specifications and large models. Its types include external hot-dip galvanizing type and internal and external coating molding type. It is a multi-purpose type and can be used in all other industries. The connection method is welding, pipe groove, flange, buckle wire connection, wear-resistant steel pipe or non-damage welding method can be used.

The connection method and standard of 316L stainless steel plate are as follows:

(1) Weld the flanges on both sides of the 316L stainless steel plate first. The flanges should be welded firmly, and then coated with high-pressure polyethylene. When installing, add a gasket between the two flanges of the 316L stainless steel plate and clamp it with a nut.

(2) In order to ensure that the 316L stainless steel plate is not easy to produce radial grooves under the working pressure effect or the water impact effect, and to solve the fixed problem of the pier, fixed bracket, and bracket when the 316L stainless steel plate is fixed, the effect of the working pressure should be taken into consideration. Will not move under vibration and stiffness.

(3) When concrete or brick piers are used for determination, the piers can be made of 316L stainless steel plates. Due to the smooth surface of the pipe, in order to better prevent the rolling of the pipe clamp, a rubber plate should be placed between the appearance of the pipe fitting and the pipe clamp, and the pipe clamp should be tightened with screws to prevent it from rolling. Then the pipe clamp is firmly connected to the bridge pier, and the bracket is fixed by the nut And support frame.

(4) It can also be installed according to the customer's engineering drawings. When engineering drawings cannot be provided, they can be sent to the site for accurate measurement, and special types of 316L stainless steel plate joints can be developed and manufactured for customers to connect with mine pipe fittings or use quick clamps to connect with seamless 316L stainless steel plates.

(5) When installing the 316L stainless steel plate, it is necessary to ensure that the safety warning lines on the pipe fittings face both sides, and generate a root line to indicate safety warning signs.